cubic yard and cubic feet calculator.

Rectangle Area


Length of project area:

Width of project area:

Total Square Feet  =



Circle Area


Radius of project area:


Total Square Feet  =

Triangle Area


Length of the base of project area:

Height of project area:

Total Square Feet  =



Now in the red project area box below type the same number that you got for your Total Square Feet in the above calculator. Then in the drop down box choose the depth/thickness in which you want for your project area and hit calculate. You now have the cubic feet and cubic yards of product you will need to complete the job. This will work for gravel on a driveway, asphalt on a driveway, mulch in a garden, sand in a yard etc.

Project Area (sq. ft.): 
You will need:
2-cubic-foot bags of mulch
3-cubic-foot bags of mulch
cubic feet
cubic yards
midsize pickup truck loads

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